You will need to configure all your company and site-wide settings before getting started. Use the following link to access the Settings page or you can also navigate to it by hovering over your profile image in the top right of your screen while signed into Spraye:

Company Details

Please complete all the general company details in the first section. This information will be used on your invoices that are generated from the system.  Be sure to upload your logo and set your primary color for invoices.

PLEASE NOTE: The ideal logo size to upload is 800 x 800 px and should be no greater than 2 MB..

Quickbooks Online Integration

If you have purchased the Quickbooks Online Integration add-on, then you will see the section above in your Company Settings. Please follow the steps in our Quickbooks Guide to connect your Spraye account to your Quickbooks Online Account. Please note that you will need to already have an active Quickbooks Online account in order to complete these steps. Please email if you need assistance. 

Watch the full tutorial here →

Maps and Routes

Enter your business starting address for the Start Location (this is where you leave from to begin your route each day). 

Please enter a different ending address for where you will return at the end of each day, but this has to be a different address than your initial starting location (if you start and end at the same location, simply enter an address close to it).

Automated Emails

The Automated Emails section sends email notifications to customers automatically when a job is scheduled, and then sends them a reminder the day before the job will happen. Once the Technician completes the Job, then it automatically sends out an email notifying the customer that the job was completed.

You may go in and customize the text and wording in each email by editing the text in each text box. However it is very important to remember to NOT delete or change the merge fields (which are the words and phrases contained within brackets) as these are dynamic fields that will automatically populate the information into the email when it sends.  

The following dynamic merge fields are available for use.  If you want to use them, you can copy and paste the fields below anywhere into the email text box:

  • Customer Name: {CUSTOMER_NAME}

  • Service Name: {SERVICE_NAME} 

  • Program Name: {PROGRAM_NAME} 

  • Schedule Date & Time for Job: {SCHEDULE_DATE}

  • Property Address: {PROPERTY_ADDRESS}

Please note that the Technician has the ability to send a custom message to the customer regarding their job at the time of completion.

Company SMTP Details

This feature allows you to send emails to your customers (as well as any other email notifications from the system) from your own custom domain rather than the Spraye domain. We highly recommend setting this up so that your customers receive emails from a familiar email address at your domain (i.e.

In order to utilize this option, you will need to find your SMTP settings from your current email host (this would be whoever you use to send your emails currently, like Google, GoDaddy, etc.) Each email provider will have separate instructions for how to find your SMTP details. Once you find your SMTP details, then enter the required information into the fields on the following screen. 

  • SMTP Host: This is the server that hosts the outgoing SMTP server 
  • SMTP Port: This will be a number listed with your SMTP details
  • SMTP Username: This is simply your email address that you want to send from.
  • SMTP Password: This is the password for the email account you want to send from.

Invoice Settings

You will need to configure the invoice settings that determine certain “company-wide” settings that affect all customer invoices. 

Payment terms are simply the terms that you ask that your customers pay you such as within 30 days, 14 days, on receipt, etc.

The default invoice message can be changed to anything you’d like and it will display on all invoices near the bottom

If you charge sales tax you will need to toggle the switch to “Show”, but if you are in a state that does not charge sales tax, then switch it to “Hide”

If you would like your customers to be able to pay you online using your existing payment processor, we have added a temporary workaround that will display a “Pay now” button on your invoices which allows the customer to pay you online via your own existing payment processor. If you want this option enabled, simply check the box and then enter your pay link (which is a link you will need to obtain from your current payment processor that allows you to accept payments online). Please keep in mind this is not a direct integration with the Spraye system, simply a link to your external payment processor. We are currently working on adding our own payment processing option to Spraye that will be fully integrated and allow you to accept payments directly through Spraye. This feature has an anticipated release of Quarter 1 2020.

Service Areas

A Service Area is any pre-defined geographic area that is used to categorize or refer to where a customer is located.  For example, if a customer lives downtown, you might create a Service Area called “Downtown”, or it could be a subdivision, area of town, city name, etc.  These are designed to make it easier to route Technicians efficiently and easily in a way you will understand.

You can create as many Service Areas as you’d like.

You will be able to utilize the Service Areas you add here when you are assigning Services to Technicians.

Click “Add New Service Area” to start adding.