The Invoices screen is where you can create invoices, edit invoices, send invoices and manage invoices associated with completed services.

  • To filter the invoices by status, in order to see who has paid, who hasn’t paid and who is late, you would need to click “Filter Status” at the top left.

  • To sort by any visible field, simply click the arrows in that column.

  • You can bulk Send, Print, or Delete invoices by choosing multiple invoices and clicking the corresponding button at the top of the table

  • You can also View, Send, Print, or Delete individual invoices by clicking on the buttons to the right of the invoice information.

  • From this screen you can also manually create an invoice by clicking New Invoice at the top, left-hand side of the screen.

  • Click on video below for some basic tips on navigating the active invoices page: 

Create a New Invoice

  1. Click New Invoice at the top of the screen

  2. Select the Customer, Service Name, Program Name, Property Address & Invoice Date

  3. Enter the cost of the invoice.

  4. Click Submit

Add a partial payment to an invoice

  • Go to the “Invoices” tab and search for the customer name or invoice number (or select the invoice from the customer’s profile under “Customers” and click on the Invoices tab there)

  • Click on the invoice to open details for that invoice

  • Change the status to “Partial” which will then automatically display 2 new fields below for a partial payment and balance due

  • Enter the partial payment in the partial payment box

  • You will now see a new balance due and the status will show as “Partial” in the Invoices screen and this new balance will be reflected in all reports

Change the status of an invoice

  • Click the status dropdown menu associated with the invoice

  • Choose the desired status

Automated Invoicing 

  • You may choose to turn on the "Automated Invoicing" feature within your Company Settings (under the "Settings" page) that if turned on, will automatically send out all invoices for you daily. 

    • If you would like to allow certain customers to NOT receive automatic invoices daily at the individual customer level (this overrides the global setting) then you can do this on the individual customer screen. There is a field that says “Auto send invoices?” with a toggle for On or Off. If it’s toggled to “On” then it gives you the option with a radio button for “Daily” or “Monthly”. (This option only shows if the auto-send invoice setting is turned "on" in the global Company Settings.) If it is turned on in the global settings, the default setting for all customers is set to “On” and “Daily”.

Quickbooks Online Integration

  • Contact your onboarding specialist for questions regarding Quickbooks. Thank you!