This report is designed to allow you to see how much your company is growing. You can see year over year growth (by default) or you can view any date range you wish. You can also export and download the report to a spreadsheet (CSV). You can sort by any available columns.

First, you will need to pick a date range. Then, you may choose a Comparison Range to see the growth or contraction from one time period to the next.


  • Total Starting Properties (# of properties at the beginning of date range) 
  • Total New Properties - # of properties added during the date range
  • Total Cancels - # of canceled properties during the date range
  • Cancel % - Total # of Cancels/Total # of new sales during the date range
  • Total Ending Properties Growth Rate
  •  (Ending Properties - Starting Properties/starting properties) 
    • There is a “Date Range Difference” Row at the bottom - This shows the change for each metric between the two time periods