When technicians are at a stop completing a service they will be able to leave notes during their stop using 2 methods depending on whether or not your company requires technician notes:

If your company does NOT require technician notes:

1. Click on the specific stop on the route

2.  Under the map, expand the section labeled "Internal Customer/Property Notes" 

3. Click the blue Create New Note button and fill in the details for the note.  The only required fields are "Note Type" and "Note Contents"

4. Click Save.


If your company DOES require technician notes:

1. After the technician starts the service, completes it and clicks the Complete Service button, then they will be prompted with a screen (see below) that asks them to submit a note about the service.

2. They will need to fill in "What I Saw", "What I Did" and "What To Expect"

3. They will also be able to upload an image here if they wish.

4. Then click Continue to continue to complete the service. The customer will receive these notes in their post-service completion email as long as the "Service Completion" automated email is turned on in global settings. 

Note: A technician can also add a separate internal note that does not get sent to the customer by using the previous method at any time during a stop.

Once a technician adds a note during a stop, it will show in the notes section for that property and customer on both the admin and tech view.