You are also able to add "Service Notes" on the Property and Customer notes screens that will remain on that specific service either permanently or for the next time you complete that service for that particular customer.  This is a special type of note that is already setup for you in the system (it can’t be changed or deleted).

  • Navigate to the customer or property where you would like to leave a note
  • Click Notes
  • Choose Add New Note

  • Specify “Service-Specific Note”. Here you will choose from any existing service and add a note for that service specifically for this customer.

  • Next you will choose either "Permanent" or "Next Service Only". 
    • If "Next Service Only" is chosen, the note is automatically removed from the system after this service is completed at this property. 
    • If “Permanent” is chosen, the note will stay on and show up every time that service is done at that property on the tech screen

These notes should be visible on the technician screen when that service is being performed at that property.