Spraye now offers a way for you to quickly and easily add conditions to a property. These would typically be conditions that would be observed by a technician when at a property or reported to you by a customer. These can be used for different types of problems with a property such as weeds, pests, disease, etc.

How to Setup Your Property Condition Codes (Company Settings)

1. Navigate to the "Company Settings" screen here (or hover over your profile image in the top right of your screen and select the "Settings" menu option): https://dashboard.spraye.io/admin/setting

2. Scroll down the settings page until you see the section labeled "Property Conditions" as shown below.

3. Click the Add Property Condition button

4. Fill out the Condition Name along with the message you would like to display to the customer in their service completion email.  This message will only be included in their email if that specific condition code is added to their property during a visit. You can also choose to opt-out of including a message for a condition code in the service completion email (this would be used if you just want to use this condition for internal use).