You are now able to create estimates (quotes for services) for your customers or potential customers. The estimate includes pricing and details for a desired program or services.

Your customers can easily accept an estimate online via email, and once an estimate is accepted it automatically assigns the program to the specified property on the estimate.

The Estimates screen allows you to create, edit, delete, print, and send estimates (similar to how the invoices function works). You may also find the estimate date, salesperson who created the estimate, and any discounts or coupons applied. 


Before creating your first estimate, please be sure to navigate to the Settings section and enter your desired Terms and Conditions for your estimates under the "Estimates" section. This text will appear at the bottom of all of your estimates.

How to Create a New Estimate

  1. From your dashboard, click +New Estimate at the very top or you can also navigate to the "Estimates" tab by choosing "Estimates" from the left-hand menu.  If you are already on the Property screen, you can also use + New Estimate on that page. 

  2. When you click + New Estimate,  you will need to complete the following fields in order to create an estimate and hit "Submit" once you have completed all fields:

    • Select Property: here you can choose an existing property (or multiple properties).

    • Estimate Date: choose the date you would like to include on the estimate

    • Program Name: you will need to choose from an existing program (or programs) using the dropdown. You will need to have your Program already setup in the system prior to creating an estimate. Once you select a Program, you may also add custom pricing to your services by using the price override feature for any service within the chosen program (optional; select the checkbox next to any property you would like to specify price overrides for). By default, the cost for these services will be calculated using the prices that you set for each individual service within the selected Program. If you choose any price overrides, these options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    • Notes: Enter any notes you want to include on the estimate for your customer (optional).

    • Here's a quick video on adding a customer message to an estimate: 

How to Send an Estimate to Your Customer

  1. From the Estimates screen, simply click the email icon (small envelope icon) next to the Estimate you want to send (located under the "Action" column on the very right). 
  2. The system will prompt you to enter an optional message that will be included with your email to the customer.
  3. Hit "Send". This will send an email to your customer with the estimate attached.  In the email they receive, there is a button that says "Accept" that they can click to accept the estimate.
  4. Once the customer accepts the estimate, the system will automatically assign the Program to the specified property on the estimate.

Estimates can have 5 different statuses:

  • Draft: The estimate has been created but not yet sent to the customer

  • Sent: The estimate has been emailed to the customer

  • Accepted: The customer has clicked the "Accept" button to accept the estimate, and has automatically assigned the program specified in the estimate to the property in that estimate.

  • Declined: The customer has declined the estimate 

  • Paid: The customer has prepaid for the amount on the estimate 

We have integrated with a software called SignWell which is an electronic signature tool that allows you collect signatures from your customers quickly and easily. Click the following link to learn more about it:

SignWell Integration