Spraye allows your technician to reschedule a service at any time from the technician view. 

How to Reschedule a Service 

  • From the technician view, click on a customer's name/property to get started 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Skip Service/Rescheduled 
  • Now, choose a reason for rescheduling this service from the dropdown menu 
  • Remember The reason you choose here will show up on the "Service Rescheduled" email that goes out to your customers.
  • Click Reschedule 
  • Now, that service will appear on the "Unassigned Services" screen with the reason for rescheduling 
  • An email will be sent out automatically to your customer with the reason for rescheduling included 
    • Note Automated emails only go out if the setting is turned ON in your global settings. See example below: