Unassigned Services Screen 

Typically, users view unassigned Services either at the beginning of each day or week and assign Services to technicians. We recommend using the “Service Area” field to schedule technicians for customers who live close to each other to improve efficiency.

Sorting Services by priority allows you to see which Service of each Program is being assigned. This makes it simple to assign a technician to the same Service at multiple Properties for an entire day.

To schedule the Services, simply click the checkbox next to all Services you want to be assigned to a single technician, and click “Assign Technician” 

  • Here you can assign these Services to a technician and assign a date for the route. You can also leave any notes you feel necessary for the technician’s day.

Scheduled Services 

You can view scheduled Services in the calendar view or table view by using the toggle at the top right. Click Scheduled Services on the left panel of your screen. See example below: 

Scheduled Routes 

You may view all the routes you've scheduled for the day by clicking Scheduled Routes from the left panel of your screen. On this screen, you can see all the details for any specific route including: assigned technician, route name, address, etc.